What is Cryptocurrency And How It is Different From Normal Currency

What is Cryptocurrency And How It is Different From Normal Currency

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You guys have wondering about what is cryptocurrency and how cryptocurrencies work?

Ok then, don’t worry we will explain you about cryptocurrency.

Let’s start

So basically cryptocurrency is online on electronic currency which we cannot touch or feel or carry with in our pocket, it can only be stored in our digital online wallets.The cryptocurrencies comes in the encryption through which the trading between two people is become very safe and private and of course, very quick.

So now it is clear that what is cryptocurrency. Move on to the difference between the normal currency and the cryptocurrency.

Difference Between the Normal Currency and Cryptocurrency

So,the difference between the normal currency and cryptocurrency is easier and as well as very difficult to understand too.But wait, don’t worry, we will explain you about everything related to cryptocurrency and as well as normal currency.

In simple words we can see that the currency which can be touch by a person is referred as normal currency and the currency which cannot be touched by a person  is referred as cryptocurrency.

But this is not the whole difference between normal currency and cryptocurrency, one of the biggest difference between the  normal currency and the cryptocurrency is about privacy.This means that  the transaction which you are trading in normal currency is being tracing by your government but the transaction  which you are trading with cryptocurrency is  fully encrypted it means that your government could not please your transaction or your transaction limit.

That’s why all the illegal practices on the internet are using with cryptocurrency and many of the big hackers use cryptocurrency for exchange of money.

Some of the examples of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, onecoin, Zcash, litecoin etc.


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